Best Beaches in Guadeloupe

If French and Caribbean served on a platter, is what you’re looking for- then make your way to the Guadeloupe Island at your first convenience. Although its famous for far more beaches than mentioned in this blog, tucked away intricately within its folds and curves are 7 of those many mesmerizing beaches in Guadeloupe.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Petite Terre

Petite Terre

The Petite Terre beach of the Guadeloupe Island is best for if you wish to go boating and see some marine life in their natural habitat. Almost all beaches at this island have small and large coral reefs, if you take a boat ride to the protected part of the Petite Terre Island you’ll be able to spot turtles, lemon sharks, and fishes of ranging species and colors.


CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Sainte Anne Plage La La Caravelle

La Caravelle

The most famous and highly visited beach of all is the La Caravelle and for the right reasons too. Its beauty is characterized by white sand and turquoise sea water with a scattering of palm trees. Moreover, it happens to be open to the public.



CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Grande Anse

Grande Anse

With constant changes in the color of the water based on the changing weather, the Grand Anse is definitely a sight to visit. This Guadeloupe beach’s mood swings will have you experience turbulent wave’s one day and calm foamy water the next. Visit it and see what sort of mood it has in store for you. The Coyaba Beach Resort and Mount Cinnamon resort are your go-to resorts if you wish to spend more time on this beach.



CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Raisins Clairs

Raisins Clairs

The dreamiest white sand beach with soft foamy waves is the Raisins Clairs. If you’re not into wild and rough waves, this beach is your perfect candidate for calm and relaxing waves.




CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Le Bas du Fort

Le Bas du Fort

Situated close to Gosier, the Le Bas du Fort beach is another infamous beach of the Guadeloupe Island. A perfect example of a tropical beach just like in the movies with mesmerizing waters, plenty of sand and palm tree to complete the postcard criteria.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Anse du Souffleur

Anse du Souffleur

Located at the Port Louis, this beach is perfect for spending the entire day. With calm waves and a refreshing vast and white landscape is what Anse du Souffleur will offer you in multitudes. With food trucks you won’t have to travel much, just walk along the coast, eat and relax.


CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Guadeloupe Plage de la Perle

Plage de la Perle

The ideal tropical oasis for you. The best part about it is that it’s never crowded- you’ll have this wonderful beach all for yourself so plan ahead on what you’d do with serenity it offers. The waves of the Plage de la Perle Island and others on the north-coast of Basse-Terre are dangerous for swimming as waves are large and quite turbulent. Limit your visit sunbathing if you’re planning to go to the north coast.

It’s going to be a hike to visit all of them but as you reach every beach- you’ll forget the physical strain in no time as calories sacrificed for the right cause. Now that you’re aware of the numerous beaches that make Guadeloupe famous, visit Guadeloupe now and you’ll find yourself become an island hopper for life!

Coffee in Guadeloupe

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Coffee in Guadeloupe

The Rarest Coffee in the Caribbean

Guadeloupe actually grows the rarest coffee in the Caribbean.  Grown on volcanic soil in the Vieux-Habitants region, only 30 tonnes of Guadeloupe Bonifieur is grown each year.  It’s also the only coffee in world other than Jamaican Blue Mountain that is exported in barrels. The final bean selection is made by hand, meaning that only the best beans make it,.

With it’s incredible taste and high quality, Guadeloupe Bonifieur is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Professional tasters report it has a very delicate aroma and very low acidity, with an endearing mouthfeel and texture. It is available in small amounts, but if you are lucky you can take some home with you.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Coffee in Guadeloupe

French Influences

Since Guadeloupe is a territory of France, you’ll find a bunch of small French style cafes. Along with raving about the coffee and desserts (especially the crepes), visitors usually return home talking about how good the food was.


Guadeloupe Travel Tips

Best time to go: December to May, when the weather remains warm and dry and daily highs rest in the mid-80s.

Hurricane Season: August and September

Rainy Season: June, July, October, and November all have frequent showers,  although you will find cheaper rates for accommodations.

Major Airport: (PTP) Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport located in Pointe-à-Pitre

Cruise Terminal: Cruise ships usually dock at Centre Saint-John Perse in Port of Pointe-à-Pitre

Currency: (EUR) Euro. Some businesses accept US dollars and credit cards but it’s a good idea to keep some of the local currency on hand.

Electrical sockets: Continental European-style, two-round-pin plugs.  So if you are coming from the US you’ll need an adapter.

Passport/Visa: You must hold a valid passport to enter Guadeloupe. Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into Guadeloupe.

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