Best Beaches in Anguilla

Tranquil, calm and relaxed: this is the Island that you visit to unwind from the stresses of the urban life with an immersive and wholesome experience. With the humidity and temperature being ideal all throughout the region – you’ll find in Anguilla the best beaches in all of the Caribbean. In this article, we break down our top 7 picks for the best beaches in Anguilla:

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Anguilla
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Shoal Bay East

The Travel Channel called Shoal Bay East, “the best beach in the world”. Intense turquoise water, pinkish hued white sand and a picturesque view: Shoal Bay East is truly one of the most stunning beaches in the world – and has been named so by several publications. What’s more: this area is bordered by top notch hotels such as Zemi Beach Resort as well as private villas and beach bars.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Anguilla

Sandy Ground

Dreamy, lively and gorgeous: Sandy Ground shares a border with the village of Sandy Ground, which, on Thursday nights, transforms into the Party Central. This is perhaps one of the most ‘urban’ areas on our entire list and also happens to offer famous restaurants such as Elvis and Johnno’s as well as the best beach bars in all of Anguilla.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Anguilla

Barnes Bay

A picture perfect shore and equally ideal warm seas – Barnes Bay is the perfect place to chill out whether you’re alone or with some company. This place is situated just adjacent to Meads Bay and is a smaller, less spacious alternative to the other beaches on this list. If you happen to be a guest at a Four Seasons Anguilla Villa, you’re going to have Barnes Bay as the picturesque view from your window.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Anguilla

Little Bay

This is the ideal place for a romantic day out with your loved one. Compact, cosy and intimate – Little Bay also happens to be only accessible by boat and is consequently deserted most times of the day. Little Bay is the perfect retreat away from the rush and the hassle to enjoy some intimate time. And if you happen to be staying at the Ani Villas, you’ll end up waking next to Little Bay every morning.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Anguilla
credit: Flickr axalady

Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay is the stunning beach on the Southwest Coast that has all the tourists curious and excited. The soft sands, the calm water and the panoramic, picturesque views this beach has to offer makes it one of the best beaches on our list. If you’re willing to prolong your stay at this gorgeous beach, just book yourself a room at the CuisinArt Resort & Spa.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Best Beaches in Anguilla

Meads Bay

This northwestern beach has everything to offer that a tourist wants to experience at the beach. Pinkish hued white sand and intense turquoise water – this beach also offers restaurants of all ranges as well as housing Four Seasons Anguilla, its most popular tenant.

CoffeeMeetsBeach - Coffee in Anguilla

Coffee in Anguilla

Anguilla is a self-governing British Overseas Territory but you’ll find a good mix of many different cultures on the island.  Of course It’s rich with Caribbean and British culture, but you’ll find French, Italian and even Chinese influences on the island.  Most of the cafes on the island lean towards the French and Caribbean influence with amazing coffee and great pastries.

Anguilla Travel Tips

Best time to go: December – April has the best weather, but it is a peak season so the hotel prices will be higher.  May-August, you’ll find better prices, but it is a bit more humid and rainy on the island

Hurricane Season: September-November with hurricane season peaking in October.

Major Airport: (AXA) Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport. It is located very close to The Valley, the island’s capital.  Source

Cruise Terminal: While not a major cruise destination, Blowing Point Harbor is where cruise ships and ferries dock.

Currency: (EC) Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Most hotels and tourist places do take credit cards and US dollars.

Electrical sockets: North American style plug A, so if you are coming from Europe or some parts of Asia, you’ll need to bring a converter.

Passport/Visa: You must hold a valid passport to enter Anguilla. No visa is required for stays under three months.

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