Best Beaches in Mozambique

Along the Indian Ocean, you can find some beautiful beaches. Mozambique is one of the East African countries that are the home ground of these beaches. If you happen to visit these beaches in Mozambique, make sure you don’t miss out on these 6 extremely magnificent wonders of nature.

Praia_do_Tofo - Best Beaches in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach

Praia do Tofo

Praia do Tofo is usually referred to as Tofo. It is well-known for its beach activities and of course, scenic beauty. The golden sand and turquoise water make it a very traditional beach that looks like a scene from out of something unreal. Other than the traditional swimming and snorkeling activities, the calm water on this beach also allows diving. You can see unique marine species with your own eyes.

Bazaruto - Best Beaches in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach

Bazaruto National Park

This park was actually proclaimed in 1971. It was an attempt to preserve nature. The huge area is expanded over six islands. You can visit it from any suitable location that you prefer. The temperature on this beach cum park is very optimum. In winters, it never goes below 20 degrees, and in summers it doesn’t cross 26 degrees.

Bilene - Best Beaches in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach


You’ll find Bilene in the province of Gaza in Mozambique. Temperature wise it is said to be the coolest beach in the Johannesburg region. People love visiting this beach to enjoy beach activities which include canoeing, paragliding, snorkeling, kite surfing, etc. These fun family activities paired with the cool weather make it a perfect vacation spot.


Barra - Best Beaches in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach
Photo Credit: Flickr Andrew Moir

Barra Beach

Barra beach is one of the longest in Brazil. It is the place where you find a good variety of everything you’d want as a tourist. From good restaurants to nightclubs, shops to satisfy the shopaholic in you as well as relaxing hotels to help you refresh. If you want to visit this beach, it is better if you book well in time. Barra beach is a very famous option and so, it is mostly crowded or booked.

Magaruge - Best Beaches in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach

Magaruque Island

If you think you’ve seen all the beauty in the world but haven’t visited the Magaruque Island, you have seen nothing. The island is only 2 kilometer square area wise totally. You may wonder what such a small place can offer. But the truth is, you’ll have the time of your life here. The island has six private villas that offer the most luxurious holiday. You can also relax with the dolphins or simply enjoy looking through crystal clear water.

Zalala - Best Beaches in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach

Zalala Beach

Perfectly blue sky and typical long beach trees define Zalala Beach in the most fitting way. This scenic beauty is not just recommended to a newly married couple who’s in search of the perfect honeymoon location but also to families who want to have a relaxing getaway. You can cycle across the calm beach to fully take in all the beauty that this place offers.


Best Coffee in Mozambique

Coffee in Mozambique

One thing we kept hearing is that Mozambique has amazing coffee. There are great local cafes and most are very friendly to tourists. They really provide nice place to relax and unwind. You’ll find coffee grown locally in Mozambique and other parts of Africa.   

Best Coffee in Mozambique Coffee Meets Beach

Check out coffea racemosa, a wild coffee also known as Mozambique Coffee. Naturally low in caffeine, it’s an indigenous coffee species mostly grown on the island of Ibo. The coffee sports intense herbal aromas such as laurel, mint, eucalyptus and licorice. (Source

Arabica coffee is also making a resurgence in the country as one new Mozambique initiative is a coffee farm in Mount Gorongosa’s rainforest. You’ll find these beans quickly making their way to local cafes.

Mozambique Travel Tips

Best time to go: May to November. It’s their winter season with cooler temperatures and less rain

Cyclone season: January – February

Major Airport: (MPM) Maputo International Airport located in the capitol of Maputo

Cruise Terminal: Port of Maputo in the capitol of Maputo

Currency: (MZN) The new Metical is the official currency of Mozambique. Many businesses in the tourist centers are run by South Africans and prices are often quoted in Rand(ZAR). US$, ZAR, British pounds and Euros are freely convertible at commercial rates at any bank or exchange. Other currencies such as Canadian or Australian dollars or Japanese Yen, are not accepted anywhere, even at official banks and exchanges. (Source

Electrical sockets: The “Euro” 2-pin hole-in-the-wall electric connection is pretty much all you’ll find in Mozambique. Make sure you carry a converter for your electronic items as converters are very hard to find in the country.

Passport/Visa: Unless you are from South Africa, you’ll need a visa to get into Mozambique. You should carry a notarized copy of your passport photo page, visa and entry stamp with you at all times.

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