Best Beaches in Tasmania

If Tasmania is your next vacation destination, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting these beautiful beaches. Each beach listed here offers plenty of attractions and exciting activities. Have a look at these must-visit beaches in Tasmania:


Wineglass Bay - Best Beaches in Tasmania- Coffee Meets Beach

Wineglass Bay

There is no reason why you shouldn’t visit the extremely beautiful Wineglass Bay. Its inclusion in the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world list says a lot about the picturesque locales on gets to see there. The visual of white sand, calm and serene water with a backdrop of beautiful peaks is surely a mesmerizing one. While you are here, you can indulge in a number of water-based activities including sea kayaking, fishing, and sailing etc.

A number of luxury resorts are there around the beach; however, for the best experience, it is recommended to stay in one of the camps at Coles Bay. The beach is located at a few minutes distance from the camping site.

This beach is considered ideal for couples as it provides with an opportunity to spend some cozy time away from the worldly life amidst the magnificent natural beauty.


Bay of Fires - Best Beaches in Tasmania- Coffee Meets Beach

Bay of Fires

If you are fond of swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing, diving, and other water activities, head to Bay of Fires, a must-visit beach in Tasmania. It is located in the North Easter side of Tasmania. Even if you aren’t fond of water activities, it is still recommended to visit this beach because of its breathtaking visuals. While you are here at this beach, do not forget to taste the delicious seafood offered at Moresco Restaurant. You can enjoy the wonderful views of the sitting while eating the tempting seafood enriched with different flavors.

Adventure Bay Bruny Island - Best Beaches in Tasmania- Coffee Meets Beach

Adventure Bay, Bruny Island

This one is for the swimmers! The mesmerizing beauty of this sheltered beach sets it apart from other beaches in Tasmania. There are small luxury houses around this beach where you can stay and enjoy all the major amenities. Once a popular whaling station, this beach is also known for the sight of numerous animals and birds i.e. mutton birds, fairy penguins etc.


Boat Harbour - - Best Beaches in Tasmania- Coffee Meets Beach

Boat Harbour Beach

Although not ranked among the most popular beaches in Tasmania, Boat Harbour Beach holds its own ground. It is apt for those people who are in search of a beautiful place that isn’t much crowded. Since it isn’t the popular one, not many people visit here; hence, you can enjoy the tranquillity of the beach without any disturbance here. The best part of this beach is that it is easily accessible. From the Burnie/Wynyard Airport, it will take no more than 15 minutes to reach this beach.


Maria Island - Best Beaches in Tasmania- Coffee Meets Beach

Maria Island

Last but not the least, Maria Island is the perfect getaway for the families. It has everything for everyone. Right from the color of the water to its temperature, everything is ideal in this island. This island is located at the distance of half an hour from Triabunna. It has some of the most astonishing visuals that you will find nowhere else in Tasmania.

It will be a crime if you aren’t visiting and exploring any of the beaches mentioned above. So, pack your bags and head to Tasmania to explore the remarkable beauty of these beaches.

Tasmania Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit:  December to February is the summer in Tasmania and also their peak season.  It’s the hottest and best weather for going to the beaches. There are also many great events and festivals going on.

Rainy Season:  June to August is considered Tasmania’s winter.

Major Airport: (HBA) Hobart International Airport is the major airport but depending on where you are going you may end up using one of the smaller ones such as Launceston, Devonport or Burnie (Wynyard). For the most part,t if you are traveling to Tasmania you are going to be taking a connecting flight from Australia whether it be Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney. (Source: wikitravel.org)

Cruise Terminal:  Most cruise ships dock in Port Hobart which is located at Macquarie Warf in  Hobart.

Currency:  (AUD) Australian dollar. Some tourist places may take other currencies but it’s best to have some of the local currency on hand

Stay Safe: Never swim out of designated swim zones, dive where you are not sure of the water depth or wander too far out where dangerous rip currents can grab you. Always make sure there is a lifeguard when you go swimming. Tasmania has a lot of wonderful wildlife on land and in water. For your own safety and theirs, please follow all rules and regulations.

Electrical Socket: Type I: mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China, the South Pacific and Argentina. (Source: https://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/australia/)

Passport: All visitors – apart from citizens of New Zealand – require a visa in advance of travel. It’s quite easy to apply online.

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