Finding a product that hasn’t been made in China is a challenge. It’s known as a powerhouse of manufacturing and tech but those are dwarfed by its amazing natural beauty. Tourism in China isn’t just high due to the country’s size but also because of the numerous beautiful vacation spots. One of China’s tourism jewels are the beaches in Shenzhen. They are some of the best in the country and worth a visit when you are in China.

Best Beaches in Shenzhen, China

Best Beaches in Shenzhen - Coffee Meets Beach


Dameisha is one of the most popular beaches in Shenzhen due to its proximity to the main city. It also happens to be the most crowded beach. Even with the massive crowds, it’s worth a visit at least once to witness the amazing natural beauty.

Located amid mountains, Dameisha is lined with palm and coconut trees which makes it a great place to lounge or take a long walk. On top of the heavenly view, you also get to see 20 massive sculptures of angels that make you feel like you’re actually in heaven. Lastly, you can enjoy the Hong Kong New Territories from far away but close enough to be a part of the view. It’s best to visit Dameisha during weekdays to avoid an overcrowded beach.

Dameisha Best Beaches in Shenzhen - Coffee Meets Beach


On Jinsha Bay, you’ll find Jinshawan beach which is also known as the Golden Sands Bay. This name comes from its golden sand that covers the beach. Jinshawan offers a view of Hong Kong’s Peng Chau island. With that, you have the perfect background of mountains and hills. Watch the sun disappear into the horizon, among the mountains to experience the most magical sunset ever!

Best Beaches in Shenzhen - Coffee Meets Beach


This beach is located on the resort that was among the first to be developed in Shenzhen. The long history gives the beach more rustic vibes than modern. It isn’t the biggest beach but the small venue is perfect for barbeques. You’ll find a number of barbeque pits already existing on the beach under the shade of huge palm trees. Xiaomeisha is where you can visit a marine world too. If you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy crowds and wants to visit a clean beach, this is the one for you. It’s a pay beach which helps cut down on the crowds.

Xichong Best Beaches in Shenzhen - Coffee Meets Beach
credit: Zhanjiang Evening News


Xichong is not just a beach but also a protected national park. This means it will be clean and not crowded but at the same time, it also means it’s not easily accessible to everyone. White sand and turquoise water are topped off by a backdrop of Qiniang mountains. The beach is most loved by surfers but is also great for lounging and swimming.

Don’t forget to visit any of these 4 beaches if you’re in Shenzhen, China!

Shenzhen Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit: The Summer months of August through September are the best time to hit the beaches in Shenzhen. There are also  Summer festivals being held during that time.

Rainy Season: May to September is when Shenzhen gets the most rain.  Typhoons are frequent between May and December.

Major Airport: (SZX) Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport located on the east bank of the Pearl River in the  Bao’an District. (source:

Cruise Terminal: Shekou Prince Bay Cruise Homeport located in Shekou, Nanshan District.

Visa Requirements:  You will need to obtain a visa from a Chinese embassy or consulate before arriving anywhere in mainland China. It’s best to acquire one before you leave for your trip. (source:

Currency: (CNY) The yuan is the currency of China. Major credit cards are accepted throughout Shenzhen but many establishments only recognize local Chinese cards. It’s best to check if your card will be accepted in China. Whether you think your card will be accepted or not, it’s always best to have some of the local currency on hand.

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