Best Beaches in the Maldives

Maldives is a country that needs to introduction. It is one of the best honeymoon spots for newly marrieds as well as the perfect vacation getaway for families as well. The diversity that this destination offers mostly comes from its beaches. There a lot of beautiful beaches in the Maldives where you can find a wide variety of activities to do day in, day out.


Reethi Rah - Best Beaches in Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach
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Reethi Rah

Reethi Rah is one of the white sand beaches that will make you feel like you’re in paradise. You can very easily find some of the most comfortable resorts and hotels on this beach. Make sure you get one where you can experience the scenic beauty every morning! It is the perfect beach where you can spend your vacations getting a spa treatment and all the pampering you need.

Cocoa Island - Best Beaches in Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach

Cocoa Island

If you’re looking for an exotic beach, Cocoa Island is undoubtedly the best option in the Maldives. You can get a beachfront accommodation with your newly married to enjoy a romantic getaway or spend days having fun doing things like scuba diving. You won’t have to worry about finding good restaurants because there are some pretty amazing options within a 10km radius.

Bikini Beach - Best Beaches in Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach

Bikini Beach (Rasdhoo Island)

Sadly, you’re not allowed to wear bikinis on the beaches of Maldives unless it’s a private beach. However, the Bikini Beach is the only exception. It is a public beach where you can get your suntan, show off your summer body, and take some cute pictures in your pretty bikinis. Rasdhoo Island is the nearest location where you can plan your stay with easy access to all required facilities. You can travel from the airport to the beach on a speedboat ferry!


Nikka Island - Best Beaches in Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach

Nika Island Beaches

Sparkling turquoise water, white sand, and the perfect amount of adventure, what more do you want on a beach? Go snorkeling, scuba diving or sunbathing on the Nika Island Beaches to enjoy your holidays to the maximum. Try a hydroplane ride if you’re feeling extra adventurous! These beaches are recommended for couples due to the romantic vibes in every restaurant and resort on the island.

Fulhadhoo - Best Beaches in Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach

Fulhadhoo Beaches

You can get to the beach from the Male International Airport in 2 hours on a speedboat. The beach is rather secluded from the busy crowded life of Maldives. Therefore, it makes the ultimate vacation destination for those who’re looking for tranquility and peace. Simple things like watching the sunset are some of the activities you must enjoy here to experience nature and beauty in their rawest form.

Dhigurah Beach - Best Beaches in Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach

Dhigurah Beach

Dhigurah is another secluded beach that lets you swim with the whale sharks. It is the beach where you’ll find a relaxing place to stay, get to enjoy the local lifestyle, find good food, and have enough activities to enjoy your stay. The nearest airport is just over 4 hours away.

These are the top beaches in the Maldives. Every single one of these will provide good accommodation, a wide variety of tourist activities as well as mesmerizing views!


Coffee in the Maldives -Best Beaches in the Maldives - Coffee Meets Beach

Coffee in the Maldives

Elephant Poop Coffee. Yes, we know what you are thinking. Well, it’s official name is Black Ivory Coffee. Oh, and it costs $50 a cup. Basically, coffee beans are fed to elephants. Once the elephants poop it out, it gets processed and makes its way into an expensive cup of coffee.

Black Ivory Coffee is the actually the world’s rarest coffee and is sold primarily to select five-star hotels. The taste has hints of chocolate, malt, spice, and is without the burnt or bitter taste of regular coffee.  (Source:

This coffee is actually produced in Thailand by Black Ivory Coffee Co. Ltd. at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Saen, an elephant refuge that cares for rescued elephants.

If you buy this coffee, most of the proceeds go to fund elephant health care. Approximately 20 elephants at the foundation produce the coffee. Eight percent of Black Ivory Coffee Company sales are donated to the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, which is used to fund the elephants’ health care. (Source:

They really love their coffee on the Maldives. If you are looking for just regular coffee on the island, you’ll actually find a good amount of cafes. In fact, there are hundreds, maybe over a thousand places to get coffee on the islands. They serve all types of coffee from all over the world.

Maldives Travel Tips

Best time to go: November and April as there is very little rain and warm temperatures.

Rainy/Monsoon Season: May to October, peaking around June. Although if you are a surfer, this time of year has the best waves.

Major Airport: (MLE) Velana International Airport also known as Male International Airport. It is located on Hulhulé Island in the North Malé Atoll, nearby the capital island Malé. (source:

Cruise Terminal: Port of Male 

Currency: (MVR)  Maldivian Rufiyaa. Most hotels and tourist places do take credit cards and US dollars.

Electrical sockets:  The standard socket is the UK-style three-pin, but you may find some variations so an international converter will come in handy.

Passport/Visa: Everybody gets a free 30-day visa on arrival, provided that they have a valid travel document, a ticket out and proof of sufficient funds, defined as either a confirmed reservation in any resort or USD100 + USD50/day in cash. (Source:

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