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We all need a time out from our hectic lifestyles. A vacation can help distress and rejuvenate us for the rest of the year. This summer, plan the perfect vacation to Fiji, which is a popular destination for enjoying some downtime. Not only will you get to enjoy amazing views but meet some of the happiest people that belong to the heart of the South Pacific. The beaches in Fiji are some of the best in the world.

Fiji is very popular for the 333 tropical islands. So if you love views of the sea, warm sand under your toes, and the sound of the waves crashing, then you must visit some of the most famous beaches in Fiji. In the following post, we bring you information on a few beaches of Fiji known for being amazing vacation spot:

Castaway Island - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach

Castaway Island

Castaway Island is a beautiful part of Fiji where you can enjoy white sandy beaches and coral reefs to explore. For those who love adventure, they can go snorkeling and see the coral reefs up and close. It is a very popular island when one is vacationing in Fiji. It is particularly an amazing spot to experience if you are on a romantic getaway. But time spent with family and friends will be unforgettable too.


Horseshoe - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach

Horseshoe Bay

Another great place for adventure lovers and those looking for a romantic vacation. It is a good place to spend some lazy hours while you enjoy the views of the white beaches. You can also visit one of the romantic tree houses. Adventure can be found in the form of diving.

Liku - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach

Liku Beach

Liku means sunset in the local language of Fiji. The beach faces the west and one can experience some of the best sunsets of their lives here. You can visit the Liku Beach if you stay at the Tokoriki Island Resort which is rated the number one luxury resort by Trip Advisor.  Don’t miss out on the sunsets to create amazing memories. You can also enjoy water activities like exploring the coral reefs.

Natadola - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach
credit: u07ch_flickr

Natadola Beach

This beach features a crystal clear shore. The waves are great for novice surfers if you are looking for adventure. It is only at a distance of 30 minutes from the Nadi Airport. One can also find snorkeling opportunities at the ends of the beach.

Sunset Beach - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach

Sunset Beach

This is a great spot to visit during your Fiji vacation if you want to avoid the crowds for some time. You can not only enjoy marvelous sunsets each evening but explore the coral reefs when the tide is high. It takes a bit to get there, but it’s truly one of the most beautiful places in Fiji.

Kadavu Beach - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach
credit: bdearth_flickr

Long Beach, Kadavu

Kadavu is an excellent idea if you want to experience the Fiji culture. You can escape the burdens of modern life and get lost in the wonderful experiences Kadavu has to offer including the Long Beach. It has only one town and very few roads, so it’s remote and tranquil. It also sports the world-famous diving spot, the Great Astrolabe Reef.

Turtle Island - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach
credit: Turtle Island

Turtle Island

This is almost an exclusive experience in Fiji. The Turtle Island is a private Island and only accommodates 14 couples at a time. The tropical flowers around will create a beautifully scented environment and views of the azure waters are just unforgettable.

Don’t miss out on these amazing beaches in Fiji.

Coffee in Fiji - Best Beaches in Fiji - Coffee Meets Beach

Coffee in Fiji

Yes! They do grow coffee in Fiji. It’s called Bula Coffee and comes directly from the farmers. The beans are harvested(mostly by women) in the remote highlands. They are then sun-dried and carried by horseback to the nearest village. (Source:

As far as cafes go, you’ll find most of them in the major cities of Navi and Suva. You’ll also find some of them around the resorts. They are pretty typical, serving all types of coffee along with pastries and local dishes. What really stands out is how friendly everyone is. As with most businesses in Fiji, you’ll find some of the nicest people on the planet.

The one thing to note is that you won’t really find any fresh dairy milk in Fiji. The milk used is UHT or ultra-heat treated which basically means that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. For those not familiar, think powdered, but in liquid form. Also, most coffees come in single shots so you might not be getting as much caffeine as you are used to. You’ll need to request an extra shot or two.

Fiji Travel Tips

Best Time to Go: July and September as the weather is mostly dry and sunny.

Rainy Season: November through April as temperatures can get really hot at  95 degrees Fahrenheit and you’ll see more frequent afternoon showers.

Major Airport: (NAN) Nadi International Airport which is located by the coast on the western side of the main island Viti Levu

Cruise Terminal:  Most cruise ships head to the Port of Suva, which is located on the South part of the main island in the major city of Suva.

Power Socket: The three pin which is the same as in Australia and New Zealand. Many hotels and resorts offer universal outlets. (Source:

Currency: (FJD) Fijian Dollar. Some places around tourist areas will take other currencies, but it’s best to have some of the local with you.

Passport: A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Fiji. (Source:

Warning: Wear Sunscreen! The sun is strong and whether you feel it or not, you can get badly burnt if you aren’t protected.

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