Best Beaches in Chile

The Chilean coastline is stretched over approximately 2500 miles. Every mile offers a beach but unfortunately, one cannot visit them all. This is why we’ve gathered the list of the best beaches in Chile to visit.

Best Beaches in Chile -Coffee Meets Beach

Viña del Mar Beach

If you want to feel luxurious on your beach trip, go to Vina del Mar beach. Here you’ll have a posh resort to live in with expensive seafood to enjoy. It is not the best place to go to if you want to have a swim. However, you can definitely enjoy shopping and the view here.

Best Beaches in Chile -Coffee Meets Beach

La Serena Beach

If traditional beaches are your jam, plan a visit to La Serena Beach without thinking twice. It is most busy during the summer time. However, if you’re into a relaxed atmosphere, the rest of the year is ideal. You can fulfill all your vacation needs here. From shopping to traditional pisco vineyards to delicious food, you can enjoy it all.

Best Beaches in Chile -Coffee Meets Beach

Concon Beach

If you go North of Vina del Mar, you’ll find this sand beach. It is among the most casual beaches of Chile. Concon beach is the most loved beach by locals as well as tourists. The reason being its affordable offer of multiple activities. Sandboarding is among the most common activities here. Climbing sand dunes is also a fun thing you can do here. The clear blue water isn’t just a beautiful sight, it is also perfect for surfing. When all these activities tire you, you can relax and enjoy the view while taking in the fresh air.

Best Beaches in Chile -Coffee Meets Beach

Bahia Inglesa

Have you ever seen a postcard with a picture of a beach? Well, this is that picturesque beach in real life. Unlike most coastline beaches, this beach is not surrounded by a forest but by the dusty Atacama region. Bahia Inglesa is located towards the north of Chile. The water here is rather warm which makes it perfect for water activities.

Best Beaches in Chile -Coffee Meets Beach


Anakena is a famous tourist spot known for its beautiful views as well as its historical significance. Anakena was the landing place of Hotu Matu’a, a Polynesian chief who led a two-canoe settlement party here and founded the first settlement on Rapa Nui.  Along with the views, palm trees line the two sandy beaches.

Best Beaches in Chile -Coffee Meets Beach


Zapallar is the ultimate beach option for swimmers. The perfect temperature and the calm ripples of the water are welcoming. If that doesn’t appeal you, the mesmerizing view definitely will. Zapallar is a white sand beach. On top of that, there are green mountains along the shore. The beach is just a few hours away from Santiago. It is a unique kind of holiday resort that has low clouds hanging over the water throughout most of the day. It isn’t a crowded beach so you can enjoy the strolls and cafes without a worry.


Chile Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit:  From October to March you’ll find the warmest temperatures with January and February being the peak of Chile’s Summer.

Rainy Season:  The heaviest rainfalls occur between April and May

Major Airport: (SCL) Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport located in downtown Santiago is where most tourists land to go into Chile.

Cruise Terminal:  Valparaiso in the port of Santiago is where most cruise ships dock.

Currency:  (CLP) Chilean Peso. Other currencies are not widely accepted so it’s best to exchange for some of the local currency before you go out and about. However, credit and debit cards are widely accepted in the tourist areas.

Passport Requirements: Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to enter Chile if they plan on being there for less than 90 days. Citizens of Australia and Mexico must pay a reciprocity fee on their first entry to Chile by air which is about 95USD. (source:

Electrical Socket: Type C which is the typical European plug so if you are coming from anywhere other than mainland Europe you will most likely need a converter. (source:

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